The Inspiring Environmental Solutions (IES) program offers funding for projects that seek to restore or enhance the local environment. Under section 67AC of the Environment Protection Act 1970, or through other remedy and sanctioning tools, a company or individual found guilty of environmental pollution may be directed by a court to fund a community environmental project instead of, or in addition to, paying a fine. This is how funding for the IES program is sourced.

Applicants can submit a registration form (Word; 1015KB) anytime during the year. Refer to the Inspiring Environmental Solutions – EPA’s community funding program: program guidelines (Publication 1419) to check your eligibility before submitting an application. EPA will assess your application and inform you if you were successful.

Funding for the IES program depends on the successful prosecution of pollution incidents and the courts' discretion. Therefore, the total funding on offer will vary each year. EPA cannot guarantee that registered groups will be invited to develop a project and funded within any one year.

Under the Environment Protection Act 2017 a court can make “Restorative Project” orders at the conclusion of civil or criminal proceedings. EPA’s Inspiring Environmental Solutions program has been established to implement and oversee these project orders. 

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Reviewed 9 September 2021