Our Governing Board is accountable to the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change. Our Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Lee Miezis, reports to the Governing Board and leads our executive leadership team.

Applied Science Division

Professor Mark Patrick Taylor is Victoria's Chief Environmental Scientist, and leads our Applied Science Division. The division provides scientific expertise and advice to inform EPA’s key functions and strategic objectives, including delivery of EPA’s Applied Science Strategy. The division has specialist capabilities in environmental public health, air, noise, odour, water, land and waste sciences, citizen science, and data analytics and intelligence. It aims to improve knowledge about protecting the environment and human health from pollution and waste. The division does this through environmental monitoring, incident investigations, guidance, and working with government, community, academic and industry partners.

Corporate Services Division

Samantha Ludolf is Executive Director of the Corporate Services Division, which supports EPA’s regulatory activities. The division achieves this through clear budget priorities and decision-making. It also manages EPA’s recruitment and purchasing.

Regulatory Operations Division

Matt D'Abbs is Acting Executive Director of the Regulatory Operations Division. It delivers our regulatory compliance and enforcement programs and operations. The division also works with other agencies to address high-risk sites. All of these activities aim to prevent harm from pollution and waste. The division engages widely with industry as it monitors and enforces compliance with the law. It also gives advice to support Emergency Services before, during and after emergency events and in their recovery phases.

Regulatory Policy and Permissioning Division

Suzy Neilan is Executive Director of the Regulatory Policy and Permissioning Division. To support a liveable and prosperous Victoria, the division applies the law fairly and promptly. It also puts in place policies to support business, community and government. Two directorates manage the division’s work: Policy and Regulation, and Development and Infrastructure.

Regulatory Standards and Enforcement Division

Mark Rossiter is Executive Director of the Regulatory Standards and Enforcement Division. The division:

  • develops and delivers internal policy and guidance products, and learning and development programs
  • manages authorised officer complaints and internal review of EPA regulatory decisions
  • manages the environmental audit system and the appointment and oversight of Victoria’s environmental auditors
  • strengthens operational capacity with specialist capability to prevent, detect and disrupt waste crime
  • manages EPAs regulatory programs to tackle complex environmental problems and effect long-term change
  • develops industry guidance to support compliance with environmental obligations.

These services are delivered across three directorates: Regulatory Programs, Waste Crime Prevention, and Regulatory Standards.

Transformation Division

Dan Keely is acting leader of the Transformation Division. This division aims to deliver an efficient and public-facing EPA. Continuing assessment of our organisational strategy is conducted through this division, which is also responsible for producing our Annual Report and Annual Plan.

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