A Wyndham Vale man will pay more than $700 after failing to prove to EPA Victoria that his Mitsubishi ute is no longer a noisy vehicle.


The man pleaded guilty in the Melbourne Magistrate’s Court on a charge of failing to produce a certificate to show the car had passed a compliance test.


Police reported the car to EPA Victoria on 10 March 2023, after hearing it on Cumming Drive, Hoppers CrossingEPA issued the man with a notice requiring him to have the car tested, make any necessary repairs, and produce a Certificate of Compliance by 27 April 2023.


When the case came to court on 24 April 2024 the man provided the certificate, and the Magistrate found the charge proven but did not record a conviction. The man was fined $600 and ordered to pay $121 in court costs.

Reviewed 15 May 2024