More than 70 per cent of the waste has now been removed from the illegal dump site at Broderick Rd, Lara. 
Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) Broderick Road Clean Up Project Manager Michael Fitzgerald said more than 206,910 cubic metres of waste had been removed from the site since the clean-up project started in April 2019.  
Mr Fitzgerald said EPA was eliminating a hazard and reducing the risk of a fire at the site.

“EPA’s role at Broderick Road is to clean up the site and make it safe, minimising the risk to human health and the environment,” he said. 

“Stage three of the clean-up project, the removal of the last four big stockpiles onsite, is running on time and progressing well.

“We’re almost halfway through removing the final stockpile. Removal works are on track to finish, as expected, in mid-2022.” 

Mr Fitzgerald said about 79,313 cubic metres of mixed construction and demolition waste remained in the final stockpile. 

“All waste removed from the site is subject to a strict sampling and categorisation process, to ensure it’s handled correctly and disposed of at appropriately-licensed landfills,” he said.

“The remaining stockpile is broken down into smaller zones. Waste from each zone is analysed in an offsite lab and categorised for disposal. 

“The categorisation is then checked by an independent environmental consultant and checked again by EPA. The receiving landfill also undertakes its own reviews of the categorisations. Waste is only removed from the site once all these checks are complete and the categorisation is confirmed.”

Mr Fitzgerald said there were a number of controls in place to mitigate site impacts. 

“The controls include high volume water and fog cannons to wet the pile down, air quality monitoring in works exclusion zones and along all fence boundaries, and drone surveillance with thermal imaging to ensure temperatures inside the stockpile remain at safe levels.” 
The Broderick Road Clean Up Project is being overseen by EPA under the Environment Protection Act 1970 and the Environment Protection Act 2017.  

There was about 286,200 cubic metres of waste onsite at the start of the project. 

About 26,600 cubic metres of timber was removed in stage one. 
About 7,600 cubic metres of contaminated soil was removed in stage two. 
About 172,710 cubic metres has so far been removed as part of stage three works. 
There is about 79,313 cubic metres of waste remaining to be removed. 
There’s more information about the Broderick Road Clean Up Project, including fire risk management and environmental controls, at
To ensure the health and safety of employees, communities and operators, EPA has adapted its regulatory work consistent with the State Government's public health measures. 
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Reviewed 4 November 2021