A Laverton North company that primarily makes shampoos and soaps has been fined nearly $10,000 by EPA Victoria after it was found discharging its industrial wastewater into a nearby stormwater drain.

Industrial wastewater should be collected and disposed of to an appropriate facility, but EPA officers, working with Greater Western Water, visited the premises of Greenleaf Cosmetics Australia Pty Ltd in Agosta Drive in May 2024.

They noticed a hose running to a stormwater water drain from a wastewater tank containing a murky, white coloured liquid which was also clearly visible in the drain.

“The only thing we want going down our stormwater drains is rainwater, certainly not wastewater that had been used in a soap making process,” EPA Western Metropolitan Regional Manager Steve Lansdell said.

“While the owner insisted it was a one-off incident by a casual worker, more than 1,000 litres of the wastewater has been discharged.

“This kind of liquid is very likely to have an effect on our waterways and marine life.

“Every Victorian has a duty to act to prevent pollution and safeguard the environment. Greenleaf was clearly not doing so, and a fine of $9,616 is appropriate.”

Reviewed 13 June 2024