An East Gippsland company has been fined $5,769 by EPA Victoria after failing to comply with a notice to clean up a pit full of industrial waste.

Harveys Roofing and Plumbing Pty Ltd of Sanfords Lane, Nicholson, was issued with a waste abatement notice after EPA officers found a pit had been dug and waste thrown into it over the course of a few years.

Following the inspection in July this year, EPA issued the notice requiring the waste be disposed of by taking it to a place that can lawfully receive it and to provide EPA with evidence that this had been done.

When the site was reinspected in October, it was clear there had been no meaningful attempt to meet the terms of the notice.

“On the first inspection we found waste including tyres, PVC pipe, insulation, corrugated roofing, household waste, plastics, an old BBQ, metals and more,” EPA Gippsland Regional Manager Jessica Bandiera said.

“We were told at the time that they intended to burn the waste, which is also illegal. Their failure to then abide by the lawful requirements of our notice means they will pay a hefty fine and will still have to meet the cost of removing and disposing of the waste legally.

“EPA has been very clear in its messaging to business; protecting the environment is everyone’s business. Harveys, like all businesses, should know that.”

Reviewed 13 November 2023