EPA Victoria has granted a development licence to Prospect Hill International Pty Ltd for a waste-to-energy facility in Lara, north of Geelong.


The development licence allows the company to design, construct and commission the facility under strict conditions and EPA oversight. Separate regulatory approvals will be required for the operation of the site when construction is completed to the required standards.


The first phase of works under the development licence is the preparation of detailed designs of the facility by the company. These detailed designs must be approved by EPA before the project can commence to the next phase.


Under the conditions EPA has placed on the development licence, Prospect Hill International must continue to obtain independent auditor verification and EPA approval at key phases to ensure all environmental requirements are met.


EPA will continue to engage with the community throughout the project.


EPA’s Director of Permissioning and Development Con Lolis said EPA considered all input from community and stakeholders in its assessment of the development licence application


“Our review and assessment of this licence was based the best available science, technical review of similar facilities around the world and application of Victoria’s Environment Protection Act 2017,” Mr Lolis said.


“This licence was granted with conditions because EPA has determined the proposed facility will meet the most stringent international standards and presents low and acceptable risk to human health and the environment.


“EPA will continue to regulate the site throughout the design, construction and commissioning phases to ensure the company meets all environmental performance requirements, keeps the community informed and complies with the conditions of the development licence,” he said.


“If the company fails to do so, the project will cease because the requirements imposed by EPA in the development licence have not been met.


Conditions EPA has imposed on the development licence include: 


  • the company must develop and implement an engagement plan for the life of the project to ensure the community is informed about all stages of this project

  • the company must use best available techniques and technology and meet the most stringent internationally recognised environmental performance standards in designing and constructing the facility.

  • the company must obtain independent environmental auditor verification and EPA approval at each phase of detailed design, construction and commissioning of the facility.

  • the company must publicly report on emission monitoring results

  • the company must implement management controls for noise, odour and residual waste 


EPA’s comprehensive, science-based assessment of Prospect Hill’s development licence application included multiple rounds of public consultation between March 2021 and July this year.


EPA’s assessment report for the development licence can be found here Engage Victoria

Reviewed 6 December 2023