Our environment protection laws aim to prevent harm to the community and the environment. 

Monsbent (trading as D&R Henderson) at Benalla has an operating license issued by the EPA. The licence specifies, among other things, the emissions limits on the site. The main concerns are particulates and nuisance dust and storage of combustible material, which can impact on human health.

The EPA has worked with Monsbent, to prevent harm to the local community and the environment.

The emission limits for Monsbent follow Victoria’s standards for air emissions and were set following robust scientific analysis of data from the site. 

The EPA operating licence conditions have not changed in 3 years. Monsbent has had recurring licence compliance issues observed from 2009, requiring EPA involvement.

We have issued 13 regulatory notices to the company requiring it to act. In 2021 we prosecuted the company for failing to meet the requirements of its operating licence. This resulted in a $80,000 fine and a 6-month good behaviour bond for the company’s director.

Despite these efforts, we have received 126 complaints in the last 12 months, from residents about Monsbent. They all relate to dust and other particulate emissions from the site.

At its most recent licence compliance inspection in April 2022, the company was still not complying with its licence conditions. We are taking appropriate regulatory action for this non-compliance with notices.

We need all industries in Victoria, to follow the laws to protect our communities and environment from the effects of pollution and waste. We will continue to support the company to achieve compliance. 

Monsbent Pty Ltd (trading as D&R Henderson) have been manufacturing particleboard at Benalla for over 30 years. Particleboard products come from timber scrap, recycled wood materials and plantation Radiata Pine.


Reviewed 18 July 2022