Favourable weather conditions were the only thing stopping a Kee Wee Rup oil spill from affecting the environment last week, prompting EPA Victoria to warn businesses to make sure they have appropriate containment systems to manage spills.

On the evening of Wednesday 8 March, EPA received reports of an oil spill in a stormwater drain at Kee Wee Rup. Environmental Protection Officers traced the source of the oil to diesel mechanics O’Diesel in Station St.

Investigations showed O’Diesel’s systems to contain such a spill were not adequate for the task and need a major upgrade.

“EPA has been very clear with businesses about their obligations to ensure they have systems to manage pollution events like this and O’Diesel has been issued an improvement Notice to see that happens,” Southern Metropolitan Regional Manager Viranga Abeywickrema said.

“The oil seeped to the stormwater drain, threatening the Bunyip River just over a kilometre away. Westernport Bay is only another couple of kilometres downstream, so the chances of causing environmental damage was high.

“Fortunately, the drier weather conditions meant we had time to stop most of the flow and remove it before more damage was done.”

EPA will monitor to ensure the terms of the Improvement Notice are met and may take further action.

For more information about the General Environmental Duty, which makes it everyone obligation to act to prevent pollution go to


Reviewed 17 March 2023