A Southbank man might have to keep his Volkswagen off the road until he can prove to EPA Victoria that it is no longer a noisy vehicle.


The man pleaded guilty in the Melbourne Magistrate’s Court on a charge of failing to produce a certificate to show the car had passed a noise compliance test.


Police reported the noisy car to EPA Victoria on 8 May 2023, after hearing it on Power St, SouthbankEPA issued the man with a notice requiring him to have the car tested, make any necessary repairs, and produce a Certificate of Compliance by 14 June 2023.


When the case came to court on 28 May 2024, the Magistrate found the charge proven but did not record a conviction. The driver was fined $400.


While the court case is complete, the Southbank man is still required to provide EPA with a certificate of compliance from an approved motor vehicle tester.

Reviewed 17 June 2024