A trucking company and a driver found responsible for spilling 600 litres of milk into a storm drain have been fined $5,500 and $727 respectively by EPA Victoria because they had not been adequately prepared to manage a spill.

In June 2022, Vincent Transport Services of Dandenong South was making a delivery to Maribyrnong St, Footscray.

CCTV footage ( watch here https://youtu.be/V6oeb0ILOsY) , obtained by EPA,  shows the truck moving through a car park with its rear doors open.  when a container slides off, bursts open and spills 600 litres of dairy milk which then runs off into the stormwater drain.

The footage shows the driver jumping from his cab and surveying the scene but there was no evidence of a spill kit or coordinated action to deal with the incident.

“That load should have been properly secured. Milk in that quantity entering a waterway, even a large one like the Maribyrnong River, can do harm to the environment and marine life,” EPA West Metro Manager Steve Lansdell said.

“We understand accidents can happen, but transporters need to prepare for the possibility and be ready. If they don’t, they can face a penalty. The company should have been better prepared, and the driver should have secured his load.”

Mr Lansdell said any trucking company involved in the transport of bulk liquids should have plans in place and drivers trained and equipped to be able to take some reasonable actions if there is a spill.

“If it was a dangerous goods transport, they would be better prepared, but bulk liquids of any kind can still pose a risk to our environment and protecting the environment is everyone’s business.”

Mr Lansdell said this is also a timely reminder for all transportation industries to carry spill kits and have an emergency plan in place.

For more information on appropriate transportation management at:

https://www.epa.vic.gov.au/about-epa/publications/1698  pages 43-46



Reviewed 8 September 2022