Date of offence
11 May 2019
Type of offence


1. Did deposit litter (lit cigarette butt) at Boronia on 11.05.2019, contrary to s.45E(1).

Background of offence

Suzanne Marchetti (Accused) was charged after she was reported by a member of the public for dropping a lit cigarette from a car in Boronia.

The Ringwood court placed the Accused on a good behaviour bond and ordered to pay $763.00 in legal costs to the EPA.

Date of court hearing
7 May 2021
Date of court order
7 May 2021
Court magistrate
A A Soldani
Court location
Proceeding number

Court orders made

Without conviction, adjourned to Ringwood Magistrates' Court on 20/12/2021.

Accused released upon giving an Undertaking starting on 07/05/2021

Accused to be of good behaviour during the period of adjournment.

Suzanne Marchetti (Accused) ordered to pay cost in the amount of $753.27

Reviewed 10 June 2021