Date of offence
Between 14 Aug 2015 and 20 Aug 2015
Type of offence
1. Did deposit industrial waste an unlicensed site at Clarinda, from 14.08.2015 to 20.08.2015, contrary to s.27A(2)(a).
Background of offence

ResourceCo Pty Ltd has pleaded guilty to depositing industrial waste at a site not licensed to accept that type of industrial waste. On 28 June 2019 in the Magistrates' Court of Victoria, ResourceCo Pty ltd was found to have deposited Category A lead-contaminated waste at a landfill in Carroll Road, Clarinda from 14/8/2015 to 20/8/2015 that was not licensed to receive Category A waste. The Category A waste was subsequently identified by the landfill operator and treated in accordance with the requirements of the Environmental Protection Act 1970.

RecourceCo Pty Ltd was convicted and fined / found guilty and fined $150,000, ordered to publish a notice, and ordered to pay the EPA's costs of $75,000.

Date of court hearing
28 June 2019
Date of court order
28 June 2019
Court magistrate
P Goldberg
Court location
Proceeding number

Court orders made

With conviction, fined $150,000 with $75,000 costs.

Order pursuant to s.67AC(2) of Environment Protection Act 1970 Victoria.

Copy form to remain on court file.

Stay to 28/7/2019.

Reviewed 3 October 2023