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This publication replaces Section 3 of Works approval application guideline (publication 1307.10), which has been updated and split into 3 new publications for ease of use. This publication has been developed as supporting reference material for you. In this publication, you only need to refer to the prompt sheets relevant to your scheduled category. It consists of the following information by most scheduled categories listed in the Environment Protection (Scheduled Premises) Regulations 2017: common operational activities; key potential environmental impacts; and examples of best practice for pollution controls of key impacts. For detail on what information is required in a works approval application please see Works approval application guideline (publication 1658) and for details on the works approval process please see EPA’s works approval assessment process overview (publication 1657).
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Guideline; Licences and approvals; Prompt sheets; Licensing and works approvals
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26 June 2017

Reviewed 31 December 2019