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EPA received from Hi-Quality Sales Victoria Pty Limited (Hi-Quality) an Environment Management Plan (EMP) application proposing to receive and manage soil and rock (spoil) generated from the West Gate Tunnel Project (WGTP). EPA assessed Hi-Quality’s submission in accordance with the principles of the Environment Protection Act 1970, as well as in accordance with relevant subordinate legislation and guidelines. 

Note about the updated document version 1942.1

EPA’s assessment report of Hi-Quality’s EMP is dated 21 Mar 2021. It was originally released with redactions. To provide the community with as much information as possible EPA negotiated the re-release of the EMP.  On 24 Oct 2022 the document version was updated from number 1942 to 1942.1. The latest version still has some redacted content, but only where it relates to personal details or proprietary commercial information.

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5 March 2021
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Reviewed 24 October 2022