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The Environment Protection Act 2017 (the Act) requires certain types of contamination of land and groundwater to be notified to EPA. Notification is important to support EPA in fulfilling its role in reducing the harmful effect of pollution and waste on human health and the environment.

Section 40 of the Act (duty to notify) requires a person in management or control of land that meets the definition of ‘notifiable contamination’ to notify EPA. Notifiable contamination is defined in Part 2.1 of the Environment Protection Regulations 2021.

Notifiable contamination guideline: Duty to notify of contaminated land (this proposed guideline) provides guidance on what is notifiable and how to interpret the circumstances of the contamination that make it notifiable. Guidance is also provided on completing the notification process and what EPA expects to be included in a person’s management response to the notifiable contamination.

Attachment B1/B2, a Microsoft Word template to pre-populate in preparation for filling out the online form that forms Part B of your notification, can be downloaded separately below for those who’ve read the guideline and confirmed they have notifiable contamination.

This guideline is provided as a proposed guideline. It cannot be relied upon as a final statement of EPA’s position or approach to fulfilling its duties and functions as a regulator. In time, EPA will publish a final version intended for use by duty holders.

Have your say on these guidelines

EPA is now seeking feedback on how clear and easy to use the guidelines are. You can provide feedback through Engage Victoria until 9 February 2022. We will use your feedback to further refine the guidelines prior to their publication as final documents.

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28 July 2021

Reviewed 4 January 2022