What it contains

Section 40 of the Environment Protection Act 2017 (the Act) requires you to notify EPA if your land has notifiable contamination. Part 2.1 of the Environment Protection Regulations defines the types of contamination that are notifiable. 

Contaminated land: Duty to notify of contaminated land provides guidance about notifiable contamination. 

This guideline includes: 

  • information about the duty and who it may apply to
  • how to interpret the definition of notifiable contamination set out in the Regulations
  • how to identify notifiable contamination on your land
  • circumstances that are exempt from notification
  • guidance on the information you need to provide when notifying EPA.

This guideline is for environmental professionals. It is also for duty holders with a reasonable level of knowledge of contaminated land.

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6 October 2022

Reviewed 30 November 2022