What it contains

This guideline is for those who plan and put in place soil treatment technologies for per- and poly-fluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS). It supports the use of innovative PFAS soil treatment technologies. It provides:

  • guidance on assessing the feasibility of PFAS soil treatment technologies
  • a framework to confirm the effectiveness of PFAS soil treatment technologies.

The guideline applies to:

  • treatment conducted for a specific site
  • temporary treatment facilities
  • permanent treatment facilities.

It applies to a range of non-destructive and destructive soil treatment techniques.

The guideline identifies best practice approaches about how to:

  • plan for PFAS soil treatment
  • conduct treatability studies
  • validate and verify full-scale treatment.

The ‘state of knowledge’ relevant to PFAS soil treatment is evolving. When using this guideline, also consider relevant advances since its publication.

Target audience
Technical experts, industry
Publication number
Number of pages
Release date
1 April 2024
Reading level
Grade 10
Document version

Reviewed 23 April 2024