EPA’s new guidance, Guideline for assessing and minimising air pollution in Victoria, will help businesses to understand, assess and minimise the risk from air emissions.

The guideline will provide:

  • a framework for assessing risks to the environment and human health from air emissions
  • new air quality assessment criteria which replaces the design criteria in the State Environment Protect Policy for Air Quality Management (SEPP AQM)
  • guidance on how to minimise air emissions and manage any remaining risks.

When EPA will release the guideline

EPA will release the draft guideline for public consultation in May 2021. We'll publish the final guideline at the end of 2021.

Who this guideline is for

This guideline is for all industries and businesses that release air emissions. The guideline is also for professionals, such as risk assessors and environmental consultants, who assess or control air pollution.

How the guideline will impact licence holders

The guideline will not change existing discharge limits in EPA licences.

The new guideline will support licence holders in implementing the GED.

Reviewed 6 April 2021