This 2017–18 report is based on data Sustainability Victoria collected from all 79 Victorian local governments. 

Container type and collection frequency Metro Non-metro Total no.
120 L commingled weekly 1 5
240 L containers fortnightly 25 46 71
240 L commingled weekly 2 1 3
Total  31 48 79

*Some councils offer more than one type of kerbside recycling service. This table shows the predominant/default service. 

Total premises/households – 2,546,800

Proportion of households with access to recycling – 98% 

Average participation rate – information not available

Annual fee charged for recycling service** 


Information not available 


Information not available 

** No information available in the Sustainability Victoria – Victorian Local Government Annual Waste Services Workbook 2017 – 18 

Annual per-premises cost to council to provide service 





*** Includes residential and non-residential properties serviced 

The table below shows how much waste was collected. Some waste was suitable for recycling or energy recovery. Energy recovery is the conversion of non-recyclable waste into usable heat, electricity or fuel. Some of the waste was contaminated, or wasn’t suitable for any other use. This waste was sent to landfill. The table shows what happened to the waste. 

Previous reporting 

For annual reporting periods prior to 2011–12, this information was published in the National Environment Protection Council’s (NEPC’s) annual reports. They are available at the NEPC’s website. 

Table 2: 2017–18, measurements in tonnes

Item Kerbside Transfer/drop off facilities
Total amount collected 582,339 41,994
Plastic containers 48,462 3,533
Paper 287,576 20,965
Glass containers 170,403 12,423
Aluminium cans 11,134 812
Steel cans 4,111 300
Total amount sorted 521,686 38,033
Total amount disposed of 60,653  3,961

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Reviewed 4 March 2020