In response to community concern, EPA has conducted sampling and soil testing in the Latrobe Valley. This is to determine baseline levels of trace elements in surface soil.

This was conducted on behalf of the Latrobe City Council.

How the soil testing was conducted

In July 2022, EPA sampled and tested 90 locations. This included:

  • public land around a proposed used lead-acid battery facility site
  • industrial areas around Hazelwood North
  • the nearby towns of Morwell and Churchill.

316 samples were analysed at EPA’s Centre for Applied Science laboratories in Macleod. Testing included aluminium (Al), arsenic (As), mercury (Hg) lead (Pb) and others.

Soil testing results

Soil testing results showed little or no signs of contamination. 

All results were below the relevant health investigation levels. 

More information can be found in the soil analysis report.

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Reviewed 28 November 2022