National Science Week 2021: 14–22 August

National Science Week is Australia's annual celebration of science and technology.

Science in Government is a limited podcast series presented by Victoria's Lead Scientist, Dr. Amanda Caples and Victoria's Chief Environmental Scientist, Prof. Mark Patrick Taylor that seeks to increase the awareness about the diversity of government science careers. Together, they will conduct five interviews between 16 August - 20 August. Click here to listen now.

Find out who our speakers will be below.

Topics will be announced shortly.

Podcast 1: Monday 16 August
Amelia Dwyer and Magdalini Zonnios 
Amelia and Magdalini are two early career public servants. Amelia works in Innovation Capability and Magdalini has been working in the Office of the Lead Scientist. 
Podcast 2: Tuesday 17 August 
Rachel Poon and Dr Elizabeth (Liz) Morse-McNabb 
Rachael Poon is the Principal Scientist from the Wastewater Surveillance for SARS-CoV-2 and Liz is a Senior Research Scientist in Agriculture Victoria working in the Animal Productions Sciences Group. 
Podcast 3: Wednesday 18 August
Dr Thomas Montague and Dr Stephanie Hannon 
Thomas is a Project Officer in Telecommunications and Digital Economy and Stephanie is Director of Policy and Project and is responsible for the delivery of Australia’s largest cultural infrastructure project, the Melbourne Arts Precinct.
Podcast 4: Thursday 19 August
Dr Ramona Dalla Pozza and Lisa Jackson 
Ramona is leading work to support the Victorian Government’s Climate Change Strategy and Lisa works in emergency management and is responsible for using intelligence tools to monitor emergencies, hazards and risks across the state.  
Podcast 5: Friday 20 August
Prof. Mark Patrick Taylor and Dr Martine Dennekamp 
Professor Taylor works for EPA as the Chief Environmental Scientist (CES) and Martine is a Senior Epidemiologist in the Environmental Public Health Unit of EPA 

 Click here to listen now.

Reviewed 16 August 2021