8 Jun
Victoria’s new waste framework

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:50 Agenda
00:02:41 Victoria’s new waste laws
00:09:49 Waste producer responsibilities
00:25:41 Waste transporter responsibilities
00:42:27 Waste receiver responsibilities
01:02:27 EPA’s compliance expectations
01)07:50 Questions
01:25:21 Focus for next five years and wrapup

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About the webinar

This webinar was for operators in the waste management industry to find out more about the new waste framework and what they must do to comply with the law. It was designed for anyone who produces, transports or receives waste in Victoria, along with consultants or those who provide professional advice to waste management businesses.

It covered:

  • the new waste duties
  • how to classify and manage waste
  • requirements for businesses that generate, transport and receive waste
  • the Waste Tracker system
  • accredited consigners
  • waste permissions
  • where to find more information.

Reviewed 10 June 2021