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The purpose of the guideline is to provide a consistent approach to conducting Odour Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) to meet the requirements of the State environment protection policy (Air Quality Management) (SEPP (AQM)) and EPA’s approach to assessing those Odour ERAs. This guideline provides advice on Odour Environmental Risk Assessments (ERA) for Special Class Broiler Farms and Farm Clusters. It is written for: Planning authorities, responsible authorities, broiler farm industry, peak bodies and the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) to be used for, and consideration of, planning permit applications. This guideline explains how industry and local government planners should conduct and interpret an Odour ERA for Special Class Broilers and Farm Clusters described in the Code. The Guideline can also be used to promote best practice for odour assessments for all broiler farms.
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Compliance; Guideline; Odour; Agriculture; Odour
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19 January 2017

Reviewed 31 December 2019