What works approvals are

A works approval allows you to conduct works or make changes to your scheduled premises. A works approval allows a business to undertake works to:

  • construct a building
  • install new plant equipment
  • change infrastructure
  • change discharge or emission limits
  • change work processes.

You may need a works approval if these works risk harming the environment. For example, if you install or change equipment at your premises that:

  • create waste
  • increases or changes the amount of discharge into the environment
  • change the way you treat or store waste.

Why we have works approvals

EPA’s works approval process is designed to ensure the best and most cost-effective environmental outcomes on projects are achieved. Without works approvals there is an increased risk of industrial projects causing pollution issues and requiring expensive retrofitting. Works approvals are an opportunity to save energy and water and to reduce waste at the project design stage, creating value for a business.

Reviewed 27 August 2020