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Annual Performance Statements (APS) are being replaced by Permissions Information and Performance Statements (PIPS)

On 1 July 2021, the new Environment Protection Act 2017 came into effect, which changed the way businesses report to EPA. Under the Environment Protection Act 1970, businesses holding EPA licences were required to submit an Annual Performance Statement (APS) by 30 September each year. Under the new Act, licence holders and some permit holders will be required to provide a Permission Information and Performance Statement (PIPS) when requested by EPA. These statements will be published on our website. Historical APSs can be accessed through the EPA Interaction Portal.

The new PIPS reporting requirement offers EPA additional flexibility to gather information in accordance with the level of risk present. Although the reporting timetable may vary across industries, all licence and permit holders are expected to keep adequate records in accordance with applicable duties and licence conditions, and provide that information to EPA upon request.

EPA will provide further information about record keeping and reporting requirements as the PIPS program is further developed. For queries regarding PIPS, please email


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Reviewed 11 April 2022