Drivers can pick-up, drop-off or reject waste in the app. This guide explains how to reject a grouped waste record in the app.

Step one – Log in

Log in to the EPA portal mobile app.

Step two – Waste driver work list

Once you login you’ll be taken straight to the Waste driver work list home screen. You’ll see a list of all your waste records.

Select the Grouped records tab to view all the grouped record IDs assigned to you. Select the grouped record ID you would like to reject.

Tip: The search bars allow you to search for all active records, individual and grouped records. The search bar is compatible in offline mode. The waste records you see will depend on when the app was last synced.

Step three – Find and choose grouped waste record

Find and choose the grouped waste record you want to reject. You can use the Search all active grouped records bar or find it in the active records worklist.

Step four – Add vehicle details

Once you’re in the grouped waste record, click Add vehicle details.

You won’t be able to action anything in the waste record until you add or update the vehicle details.

Complete the vehicle information and tick the box to confirm you know how to lawfully and safely transport the waste.

Click Update vehicle details.

Step five – Confirm you understand data collection by EPA

Review the record and tick the box to confirm you understand that EPA collects the information you enter about the pick-up and drop off of this waste load.

Click Reject to reject the waste.

Step six – Select reason to reject waste

Use the drop-down arrow to select the Reason for rejecting the waste. Include any additional information if relevant.

Click Reject to complete the rejection of the grouped waste.

Step seven – Confirmation

A confirmation screen will appear to confirm the waste has been rejected. Click Return to homepage. The grouped waste record ID will be removed from your grouped records list.

Note that any individual waste records that are in-transit will not be rejected.

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Reviewed 10 June 2021