Step one: Log in

Log in to the EPA portal.

Step two: Open the Manage waste menu

In the Manage waste menu, choose the 'waste receiver dashboard'.

Step three: Waste receiver dashboard

A list of all waste records will appear. You can search for the grouped waste record ID using the search bar.

Find the grouped waste record you need, click the arrow next to it and choose 'receive grouped waste'.


If a grouped waste record has no individual records a warning message will appear. Clicking yes will continue to the receive grouped waste screen.

Tip: If you’re a receiver administrator you’ll be able to see all waste records assigned to the receiver, in the dashboard. You can find individual waste records within a group by sorting by the grouped waste record ID column.

If you’re a site receiver, you’ll need to use the search bar to find grouped waste records.

Step four: Receive grouped waste

In the 'receive grouped waste' screen, scroll to the question – Are you an administrator at the receiving site?

Click 'yes' if you’re the administrator at the receiving site.

Click 'no' if you’re a site receiver at the weighbridge.

Next, click on the magnifying glass in the Permission site box and choose the relevant site.

Step four - Receives grouped waste screen 

Click 'select'.

Step five: Bulk package type

If the waste is in packages, select yes and enter the number of packages.

Then enter the amount of waste and units of waste.

Step six: Intended treatment

At the Intended treatment heading, click 'add treatment code'.

Click on a treatment code from the list or by searching in the search window.


Click 'add'.

Tip: Search for other terms in the search bar by putting an asterisk before and after the term. For example, *treatment codes*.

Step seven: Temporary confinement

Answer yes or no about temporary confinement and provide any additional information.

Temporary confinement is a measure you take to notify EPA when waste is received that your site may not be a authorised to receive (refer permission condition PER_WM1).

Selecting “yes” here flags that the waste consignment has been placed in temporary isolation.

Click 'add files' if you want to upload supporting documentation.

Click 'submit' to finalise.

You’ll return to the waste receiver dashboard. You’ll see the status for the grouped waste record has changed to 'received'.

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Reviewed 6 February 2023