Brimbank City Council manages closed Sunshine landfills. It’s working on the site’s long-term management and preventing environmental and health risks.

We’re supporting Brimbank City Council’s work on the site. We provide advice about:

  • environmental public health risks
  • our laws and actions
  • planning matters.

Our enforcement role at closed Sunshine landfills

We gave the site a post-closure pollution abatement notice (PAN). A PAN is a direction from EPA to stop or manage pollution. To comply, Brimbank City Council must make sure the site doesn’t present a risk to human health or the environment. This means Brimbank City Council must: 

  • monitor the site and report to us
  • do further testing of gas, vapour, soil and groundwater.

We’re working to make sure Brimbank City Council complies with this notice and will comply with any future notices. 

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Reviewed 3 February 2022