On 6 April 2021, the Minister for Planning completed his assessment under the Environment Effects Act 1978. The Minister’s assessment can be found here

GB Energy (VIC) Pty. Ltd is proposing to build  and run a gas pipeline and plant. The plant will produce gas from the Golden Beach gas field and supply the Victorian Transmission System. The company is  designing the pipeline to operate in both directions. This allows them to use the gas field as a gas reservoir once they have depleted the field, after two to four years. The company are proposing to design the project with a 40-year life span.

The proposal includes:

  • offshore drilling, testing and completion of two sub-sea wells
  • laying a sub-sea pipeline and sub-sea infrastructure
  • a 1.5 km shore crossing about 3.8 km south-west of the Golden Beach township
  • construction of an 18.5 km buried pipeline in a 30 m right of way
  • a gas plant with export metering and connection to the existing transmission pipelines.

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Reviewed 10 May 2021