How EPA monitors air

EPA has been monitoring for odour from the Brooklyn Industrial Precinct since 2008. We have been monitoring for small particles in the air, including dust. We have been monitoring air since 2009.  

The National Environment Protection Measure (Ambient Air Quality) sets Australia's air quality standard. Air quality in the area doesn't meet Australia's national air quality standards. The levels of PM10 (particles less than 10 micrometres in size) regularly exceeds the standard. We are working hard to address that. 

Live data on EPA AirWatch comes straight from our air monitoring stations. Our scientists check the live data later. This accounts for instrument errors, power supply problems and other technical issues. Any historical data supplied can include both live and quality assured data. 

We update air monitoring results hourly on EPA Airwatch

Protecting health in Brooklyn

We use EPA AirWatch to provide health advice to residents of Brooklyn.

EPA AirWatch uses five categories to describe the overall air quality at each of our monitoring sites across Victoria.

We also show an air quality category for each pollutant we measure at a site.  The following categories tell you when the level of pollutant is higher than its air quality guideline: 

  • poor 
  • very poor 
  • hazardous. 

Our general health advice includes steps you can take to protect yourself from the short-term effects of air pollution. 

Using science and monitoring

  • We are trialling new technology, such as low-cost air quality monitoring gear. 
  • We monitor odour in the area to understand the types of odours that are there.  
  • EPA officers conduct more than 450 individual odour checks across 21 surveys each year. 

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Reviewed 12 May 2020