We enforce the Environment Protection Regulations 2021. These cover fuel and exhaust emissions. 

EPA also helps develop and put in place Australian Design Rules (ADRs) for new vehicles. Improvements in ADRs mean new cars emit less pollution than older ones. 

We help develop and put in place national fuel quality standards. We also work with National Environment Protection Measures that aim to improve diesel emissions.

EPA monitors areas where vehicle emissions may impact air quality. We also make our monitoring results and expertise available to help reduce vehicle emissions’ impact.

How to find help with vehicle exhaust changes and Diesel Particulate Filters

EPA cannot approve changes you may want to make to your vehicle exhaust. This includes Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs). Contact VicRoads Vehicle Safety and Registration Services for help with:

  • any changes you want to make to your vehicle exhaust
  • DPFs.

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Reviewed 7 March 2024