Vehicles are a major source of air pollution. Emissions from vehicles include air pollutants that can impact human health and cause air quality issues like smog. You can use and maintain your vehicle in ways that help protect the environment.

Maintain your vehicle

Maintain your vehicle often. This can reduce emissions by up to 25 per cent and help cut fuel costs. Keeping tyres pumped up also helps reduce emissions. 

Consider how and why you drive

To help reduce emissions: 

  • Plan your trips. Try to do more than one thing on each trip. Also, walk, ride or use public transport if possible. 
  • Drive smoothly. This means keeping a constant speed and not braking and accelerating often.

Report smoky vehicles

Smoky vehicles cause large amounts of emissions. You can report smoky vehicles to us.

Report air quality concerns about traffic

Direct concerns about air quality in your area you believe traffic has caused to:

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Reviewed 11 June 2020