This information is for landowners, businesses and community members affected by floodwaters. It has information about managing health risks from flood waters and guidance on waste disposal after a flood.


Heavy rainfall may cause flooding. Floodwaters carry risks such as water-borne diseases. Proper management of floodwater and waste can help to reduce risks. After a flood, there may be health challenges related to reuse or disposal of sandbags and other flood-related waste. 


Agencies involved in flood management in Victoria

Flood management is shared responsibility among agencies and including but not limited to:


If there is a flood event and you are in immediate danger and require urgent assistance, dial 000. If you are not in immediate danger, but you require immediate relief assistance, call Emergency Recovery Victoria's hotline on 1800 560 760

EPA's role during a flood emergency

EPA is a technical support agency. This means we provide technical and scientific information and advice to emergency and recovery services.

Download our flood safety and clean up factsheet (PDF, 470KB) or keep reading for further guidance.


Reviewed 18 November 2022