Skip bin company

The landowner had a handshake agreement with a skip bin company who wanted to use their industrial lot. The skip bin company used the site as a waste processing depot without a council planning permit or EPA permission.

The company was eventually evicted by the local council and left behind piles of mixed construction waste. The landowner received an EPA remedial notice and had to cover the costs. Cost to landowner: $10,000.  

Wood materials fire

A company stored a large stockpile of wood materials without a council planning permit or EPA permission. The wood waste was not properly managed and caught fire. Smoke and airborne pollutants impacted the local community and businesses. Some businesses were closed for several days following the fire.

The property was contaminated from the fire, and the local waterway was severely impacted by firefighting water. The company responsible was investigated by EPA and by the local council. The landowner was required to carry out clean-up activities under an EPA remedial notice and was unable to lease the land for several years while the issue was resolved in court.

Cost to landowner: More than $1 million for environmental restoration and site clean up. 

Reviewed 2 February 2023