Groundwater monitoring

EPA issued Cleanaway with a Pollution Abatement Notice requiring them to address the leachate levels at the landfill. Leachate is a liquid formed from rainwater and decomposing waste.  

Monitoring at the site has confirmed that the landfill has not impacted the groundwater in the area.  

Odour monitoring

 We have been monitoring odour from the Ravenhall landfill since 2013. At the Ravenhall landfill, we:  

  • inspect the site at least every month, or more often if needed  
  • check for odour from the landfill when our officers are in the area  
  • start our rapid response program if there is a spike in reports from the site.  

Our investigations show that the Ravenhall landfill is generally well managed. We will continue to monitor the site to ensure that it complies with its licence.  

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Reviewed 15 June 2020