We regulate music noise

EPA regulates music noise from indoor entertainment venues, outdoor entertainment venues and outdoor entertainment events.

We are responsible for making regulations and guidelines for controlling music noise from venues and other public places.

EPA can enforce the law, including noise limits, for music noise from entertainment venues and events. You can contact us directly to discuss music noise queries.

Police can direct indoor entertainment venues to immediately stop noise after midnight.

Other authorities – such as councils, and Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation – have their own laws for music noise from entertainment venues. Also, they can use the noise limits guidelines to help with their investigations. We can advise them on the best way to apply the noise limits and guidelines. We can also help them to measure the music noise.

We issue event permits

EPA is responsible for issuing event permits to make sure music noise from events will comply with the law.

We need to know more about your event so we can tell you what applies to you. Check with your local council or contact us.

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Reviewed 13 August 2021