From 1 July, waste records will replace waste transport certificates. To transport waste, you must create a waste record for each pick up of a waste type using Waste Tracker.

Easier waste record management

Waste Tracker allows your waste records to be setup and kept in draft. Draft records are not visible to transporters or receivers.

The new system also allows cloning of waste records. These cloned records can be used to quickly setup a new consignment.

Cloned records are drafts that have the same details of the original. Information in cloned records can be changed, such as the pick-up date.

Waste movement is tracked in real time

From 1 July 2021, the movement of waste must be tracked in real time. 

Drivers must enter information into Waste Tracker at the time the waste is picked up. Drivers must also do this when it is dropped off. Drivers can enter the information in Waste Tracker via the EPA portal or using the Waste Tracker app.

Receivers must update the waste record at the time of delivery either through our Portal or Waste Tracker app.

You can report waste record discrepancies

Waste Tracker includes a discrepancy feature which allows all users the option to update the record to make sure the information is correct. For example, when users throughout the chain of custody describe the waste differently.

Discrepancy can include the date, driver, receiving site, waste amount, waste codes, waste characteristics or contaminants.

Digital and printable records

All data must first be entered into Waste Tracker. You can then create PDF extracts of waste records to use as proof for other parties.

Tracking waste outside Victoria

Waste Tracker is designed for reportable priority waste under Victorian law. It is used to track the movement of waste in, out and around the state.

  • Before sending waste interstate, you must use Waste Tracker to choose an interstate receiver or transporter.
  • To bring reportable priority waste into Victoria you need authorisation from EPA Victoria. You will also need to continue the tracking method of the state or territory from where the waste came. You can also use Waste Tracker.
  • You must contact EPA when moving waste overseas. 

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Reviewed 31 March 2021