Continual improvement of your environmental performance is central to proactive environmental management. You will review the results of your environmental performance evaluation to identify opportunities to improve your future environmental performance. These should be considered in the context of your risk assessment that carries through to review of your environmental performance objectives, operational controls, and other key elements of your RMMP.

While conducting your continual improvement review you must assess advances made since your last review in the availability and suitability of technology used in operational controls you have in place (section 6(2)(d) of the Act).

You may not be able to identify improvements in your environmental performance at every review, however, each time you complete a review, include different site personnel in the review group. Their different perspective on your activities might generate ideas for improvement that hadn’t been picked up before. Remember, you are aiming for elimination of risks of harm to human health and the environment so far as reasonably practicable (SFARP).

Reviewed 9 March 2022