The GED applies to every person who is engaged in activities that may give rise to risk of harm to human health or the environment. Hence, you must ensure that appropriate training is provided to all personnel engaged in such activities that may give rise to risk of human health or the environment. Section 25(4)(e) of the Act requires you to provide information, instruction, supervision and training to any person engaging in the activity to enable those persons to comply with the GED.

Provision of appropriate competency-based training to your personnel is critical for successful implementation of your environmental controls. The level and nature of the training should match the roles of each person and their responsibilities as identified in the RMMP. In so doing, the training should:

  • identify the necessary competence for personnel doing work that is controlled by the RMMP and can have an impact on the environment;
  • ensure that personnel are competent on the basis of education, training or experience;
  • determine the training needs to ensure that personnel understand the risks to human health and the environment that are presented by the activity they are undertaking; and
  • provide the necessary competence (training or mentoring) and check the effectiveness of that training.

The training can range in formality from one-on-one demonstration of an action to formal presentations with competency checks. Depending on the nature of the role, and the capability of the person in that role, you should provide refresher training to ensure an adequate level of competency is maintained.

You must keep a register of the training provided to your personnel. This will enable you to keep track of what training has been provided and the skills each person has attained from that training. You may be asked to make this information available to the Authority.

Reviewed 9 March 2022