A technical issue is preventing public downloads of 53V and 53X Environmental Audit reports. Our technicians expect to fix the issue early next week. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Environmental audits look at site conditions or activities to assess potential risks. This may be because there is a proposed change in the use of a site. Or it could be to consider an issue that might exist at an industrial facility. Risks can include harm from: 

  • waste 
  • noise pollution 
  • industrial processes or activities 
  • contamination of land or water. 

Planning authorities, government agencies and industry use environmental audits. Sometimes community members also use environmental audits when building or renovating. This helps them understand the condition of a site and its suitability for use.  

You can use EPA’s Interaction Portal to search for a property and find out if it has an environmental audit. 

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Reviewed 17 September 2021