EPA’s list of appointed environmental auditors covers three environmental audit categories: 

  • contaminated land
  • industrial facilities
  • natural resources. 

While it’s our role to maintain this list, we don’t recommend auditors. 

Choosing and engaging an environmental auditor

You need to engage an environmental auditor to conduct an environmental audit or preliminary risk screen assessment (PRSA). You may also need to engage an auditor to undertake other functions. These are prescribed in the Environmental Protection Regulations 2021, under the Environment Protection Act 2017 or under another Act.

Consider the function you need the environmental auditor to perform.

For example, consider:

  • The purpose of the environmental audit.
  • Whether there has been a previous environmental audit or other assessment work undertaken. Either of these may limit the choice of environmental auditor. This may be due to potential conflict of interest.
  • Whether there are PRSAs or environmental audits for similar sites in the area. Environmental auditors with knowledge of the area may be more effective in developing the scope of works.
  • The need for detailed cost estimates. Seek quotations for the work the environmental auditor needs to undertake. Make sure there’s a clear description of the work’s scope.
  • The need to make clear:
    • the process for doing any extra work in the contract
    • the process for managing the project during any delays.

How to find an environmental auditor

Use the public register to find an environmental auditor

About issues and disputes

You can contact us with any concerns about an environmental auditor’s performance. 

For more information, see Environmental auditor guidelines for appointment and conduct (publication 865).

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Reviewed 4 July 2023