Step one: Log in

Log in to the EPA portal.

Step two: Open the My organisation menu

In the My organisation menu choose Add or remove site receivers.

Step three: Add or remove site receivers

Click the Add site receiver button at the top of the dashboard. The dashboard shows all invitations sent by your company.

Step four: Complete details of new receiver

Insert the first name, last name and email address of the receiver you want to add. Click Send.

Step five: Confirmation screen

A confirmation screen will appear showing the invitation has been sent to the new receiver.

Click Go back to add or remove site receivers.

The invitation will show as Pending in your dashboard. Once the site receiver accepts the invitation, the status will change to Confirmed.

If you want to cancel an invitation to a receiver while it’s still pending, return to the Add or remove site receivers screen.

Click on the arrow to the right of the invitation you’ve just sent and select Cancel request.

At the confirmation screen, click Confirm.

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Reviewed 27 February 2023