You can copy an existing waste record if you’re organising a collection of the same waste type for disposal in the same way.

Step one: Log in

Log in to the EPA portal.

Step two: Open the Manage waste menu

In the Manage waste menu, choose the Waste producer transport records.

Step three: View the Waste producer dashboard

In the Waste producer dashboard, you’ll see a list of your waste records.

Step four: Find the record you want to clone

To clone a record, find the record that the clone will be based on. Enter the waste record number in the search bar and click the magnifying glass. You can also sort by clicking any of the column headings.

Step five: Choose clone record

Click the arrow on the right of the record to choose Clone record.

Note: you cannot clone a Draft record.

Step six: Choose to clone the record again

Once the waste record has been cloned, the success message will appear in green.

You can choose to Clone the record again.

Tip: you may like to copy and paste the record number to use in the next step.

Step seven: Find the cloned record

To find the cloned record, go to the Waste producer transport records.

Search for the cloned waste record using the search bar.

Step eight: Edit the record

Click the arrow on the right of the record and choose Edit record. You can edit all details when the record is in draft.

Review all the information in the cloned waste record including:

  • waste amount
  • waste code
  • the nominated transporter and receiver.

Make any necessary changes.

Click Save and next to move through the screens.

Step nine: Review and confirm

Review details and then click Create record. Your waste record has been created with a new waste record ID.

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Reviewed 26 July 2021