You can edit the transporter and receiver details in the waste record while the waste record is in 'draft', 'open' or 'assigned' status.  Once the record is 'in transit', you can only edit the 'receiver' details.

Step one: Log in

Log in to the EPA Portal.

Step two: Open manage waste menu

In the 'manage waste' menu, choose 'waste producer transport records'.

Step three: Edit or cancel selected record

In the 'waste producer transport' dashboard, click the arrow next to the record you want to edit or cancel.

Tip: To find the waste record, enter the waste record number in the search bar and click the magnifying glass. You can also sort by clicking any of the column headings or using the filters. How to filter waste records describes these filters in more detail.

Step four: Edit and submit

If the record is in draft status, you can edit all fields. If the record is in open status, you can add files to provide more information, and edit transporter and receiver details.

Click 'submit' to save the changes. A message will appear when your updates have been saved.

To cancel a record

If a 'draft', 'open' or 'assigned' record is no longer required, you can cancel it. To cancel a record, follow steps one to three outlined above. Click the arrow on the right of the record to choose 'cancel'. You cannot cancel records that are in transit or received. 

Note: Cancelled records are removed from the dashboard and cannot be retrieved. 

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Reviewed 10 February 2023