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An EPA licence allows a business to run certain activities at a licensed premises. These activities may include waste treatment and disposal.

You may need to make changes to your EPA licence if the activities at your licensed premises change. To make amendments to your EPA licence, fill out the approvals pathway form (Word). 

A works approval allows you to conduct works or make changes to your scheduled premises. You may need a works approval for activities like constructing a new building or installing new plant equipment.

If you complete a works approvals pathway form and it shows you that you need a works approval, you’ll need to complete a works approval checklist.

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Supporting forms for checklist

  1. Company legal entity (Word 318KB)
  2. Level 1: Estimated energy use and greenhouse gas emissions (Word 191KB)
  3. Level 2: Energy use and greenhouse gas emissions (Word 144KB)
  4. Level 2: Non-energy related greenhouse gas emissions (Word 170KB)
  5. Point source emission assessment results (Word 222KB)
  6. Noise impact assessment results (Word 237KB)
  7. Existing wastewater generation (Word 199KB)
  8. Proposed wastewater treatment system (Word 197KB)
  9. Treated wastewater quality (Word 197KB)
  10. Treated wastewater characteristics (Word 206KB)
  11. Reuse treated wastewater - organic loading rates (Word 180KB)
  12. Future industrial waste generation (Word 184KB)
  13. Level 1: Proposed prescribed industrial waste (PIW) generation (Word 182KB)
  14. Level 2: Existing prescribed industrial waste (PIW) generation (Word 193KB)
  15. Level 2: Proposed prescribed industrial waste (PIW) generation (Word 193KB)
  16. Existing industrial waste/PIW received (Word 190KB)
  17. Proposed industrial waste/PIW to be received (Word 194KB)
  18. Summary of industrial waste/PIW for disposal (Word 193KB)
  19. Proposed limits for new or amended licence (Word 240KB)
  20. Pollution equipment manufacturer's performance (Word 212KB)

How to submit your forms

  • Download the form you need.
  • Complete the form.
  • Print and sign the form.
  • Send the signed form to the address at the bottom of the form.

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